Thu. May 6th, 2021

“Can I use the restroom?” Kari asked.

Bill looked confused, and though restrooms are not for customers he conceded, “Okay, but just this once. Here’s the key.”

“Thank you,” Kari said, as she grabbed the key and headed to the restroom.

Once she made it to the restroom, Kari knew she was prevented from seeing when it would be safe to leave. She began to pace back and forth, before she noticed the window and that it may be just big enough for her to escape from.

Kari ran down the alley, and just as she was ready to enter the next alley that would lead to her house, she was met by two Pit Bulls. One of them calm, and other barking ravishingly prepared to attack her for making the wrong move.

Kari stood up straight, eyeing the dogs. From this point, she knew she could make it to her gate with one sprint and one jump over the fence. She eyed the dogs for a minute. Then, took a deep breathe, checked her laces, and both were tied. One step forward, and the aggressive dog began barking. She stepped back, and begin to rethink her plan just before taking a deep breathe. She bolted to her gate, and in one hop made it to the top of her fence, but lost her balance before she could completely gain it again. She was able to throw her weight to her yard and she fell over the gate into the lawn in her backyard.

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By Kelz

writer. poet. journalist. content creator.

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