Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

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Walking home from school Friday afternoon, wearing some black Dickies, a black hoodie with an image of Dr. Huey P Newton and some black Pumas.

Wanted no confusion walking to and from school so I stuck with the white laces and a black backpack. Yet Kari couldn’t make it home without some issue because as she made it to the second to last turn, and just a few blocks from home, she noticed a blue Chevy Impala trailing her.

Kari loosened the grip on her backpack, took her AirPods out and tucked them in her pocket. Just walking casually now, as the Impala still trailed behind her.

As she approached the corner just a few houses from her house, she took off running in the opposite direction and ran into the liquor store. Kari knew Bill, the owner, so she chatted in the back with him for a minute or two. As they chatted she watched nervously at the store camera and noticed the Impala pull into a stop out front. The passenger got out and entered in the store and Kari sees everything.

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By Kelz

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