Thu. May 6th, 2021
DMX – Ruff Ryders’ Anthem

Here is a bouquet of flowers for the late Earl Simmons who lost his life after suffering a heart attack late last week.

For X

Always related
Always vibed
On the mic you were X or DMX
Off mic, you were Earl
But either which way you were real, loved and respected by all

Thank you for giving voice to the voiceless and sharing your gift
Putting your pen to the pad and inspiring millions
Even writing about God, you were never ashamed of your faith
You knew God and placed your faith in Him

Now you are peacefully resting
And your soul is at peace this day in April 2021
No more pain
Just love and beautiful memories from family and fans

As you watch from heaven
Standing with God as he tells you job well done
For you touched so many lives
And your music lives on

May your legacy here on earth continue to thrive for generations
Thank you and may you rest in power
Peace be onto you
With love and prayers to your family
Peace, King

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By Kelz

writer. poet. journalist. content creator.

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