Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Here is an insightful poem with a play on “America, the Beautiful by the newest addition to The Urban Conglomerate’s team.

My country ’tis of thee

Of course, you think it’s free,

Even though you didn’t pay for anything.

Of thee, I speak.

Oh, how you think I lie about the pain I feel inside,

Causing mortality rates so high.

Of thee, I speak.

I shouldn’t be stunned by what I see, the very depths of hypocrisy.

A world of so much you and only the parts you pick of me.

No concerns of credit, poverty, or how cops are killing mine in the street.

Of thee, I speak.

But wait that’s right, it all started with them believing good equals white.

The start of an appropriated and vilified life,

But you want us to be meek.

If it had been us on the Capitol, blood would still be staining the street.

Of thee, I speak.

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