Thu. May 6th, 2021

Copyright 2021 by Kelly J. Newson

Here is a poem written for a dear friend of mind

Beauty beyond measure
With a mind that is deep
Nothing like your average
A true soul
A dope soul
A beautiful friend
A queen
And always with the greatest words of wisdom and inspiration
She lift my spirits up
She tells me what I need to hear
She is light
She is peace
She is a friend
She is a phenomenal woman and queen
With poise and grace
She keeps me motivated
And my mind on track
Making me think that not all soulmates are romantic
Some are platonic
Just a dope ass friendship
Someone to connect with on a friendship level
That poetry level
That spiritually level
That gaming level
I just thank God for this friendship, this beautiful soul you placed in my life
I hope to be more like her
For she inspires me daily
For it is her I hold dear in my heart
As I think in all situations what will she do?
This friendship I want to grow and last forever
And I’ll fight for always
Friends for life
Thank you friend for being on this journey called life with me
And may I be that dope soul and light for you as well one day,
My growth is a thanks to you always
Toast to the years ahead and memories too
All love, respect and peace queen
For this friendship I do cherish very much, love and light!

By Kelz

writer. poet. journalist. content creator.

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