Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
New Orleans Pelicans point guard/shooting guard, Jrue Holiday, shares the importance of supporting Black businesses in a tweet shared today by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Supporting Black businesses is extremely important within the Urban community.

Historically, Black businesses were often alienated by the masses. They were burned down, damaged in riots, and looted.

Even Black people, to this day, hold Black businesses to a higher standard than businesses owned by other races. And expect or request discounts they wouldn’t typically receive from business owners of other races.

For Black businesses to thrive in these times, they need the support of all races, but especially the support and word-of-mouth advertisement of other Black people.

Professional NBA player, Jrue Holiday share his sentiments on why it is important to support Black businesses. Take a look at the tweet from the Milwaukee Bucks below:

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