Sun. Jun 20th, 2021
Copyright 2021 by Kelly J. Newson

Here is a poem commemorating the life of young Trayvon Martin, a Black kid who was murdered in cold blood by a vigilante

Gone too soon

Taken from this world by a coward

When all you did was defend yourself

But the coward who pulled the gun

made the fight unfair,

Never considered you as just a kid walking home

And didn’t know your life would spark a fire in the people all over America

And not just Black

But all people standing against the coward as he cried about defending himself when he stalked you

Now you’re six feet deep

And he’s roaming free ’cause the justice system failed you and your family

As racists praise him calling him hero

‘Cause the justice system saw no fault by him

Just a wannabe cop who preyed on a kid when dispatchers told him not too

But he did then took your life

And afterwards cried saying his life was in danger when he just had a few bumps and bruises that’ll heal

Or maybe he was scared of word getting out that a teen kicked his ass

But the world knows the true story

And your life will never be forgotten

As we celebrate your life every year on this day

as if you still here

And we uplift your mom, dad and brother too

Showing them they are never alone

As we all wish a different outcome had come that fateful evening

Instead of you becoming another hashtag in America

But today we lift you up young king

We celebrate and honor your life on this great day

Happy birthday

In our hearts you are still

By Kelz

writer. poet. journalist. content creator.

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