Wed. Apr 14th, 2021
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Nathan Peterman is still employed by an NFL team but this wouldn’t be the case if he were Black

I know, I know.

Just another strong, one-sided, opinionated headline, right?


The worse professional quarterback in the league, is still in the league. And no one sees a problem with this?

There have been countless times throughout history where Black quarterbacks were casted off into the sea of, “You can’t read defenses, or “You’re too athletic,” and “You should switch positions.”

Bill Polian, a former NFL general manager said that Lamar Jackson should play receiver! Lamar Jackson — the player who should have won the Heisman Trophy twice as a quarterback in college, should play receiver in the NFL? Why? Because he’s Black?

Jackson, as you might know, has an NFL MVP under his belt. And the Baltimore Ravens are favored against the Tennessee Titans in the Super Wild Card round this weekend.

Jackson has debunked any myth about a Black quarterback.

EJ Manuel. Another example.

EJ Manuel was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 2013, replaced by Kyle Orton in 2014 after four games, and then the Bills had a three-way quarterback competition where Tyrod Taylor won the job in 2015.

What type of set-up for success motto is that? And to make matters worse, the Bills wasted two first-round picks on receiver Sammy Watkins when they weren’t even sure what they had in Manuel. He wasn’t even given an opportunity to succeed.

EJ did win the backup job in Buffalo behind Taylor for a couple years. And Buffalo had their own internal turmoil. But he’s what led to me thinking about this Nathan Peterman thing. EJ’s no longer in the league. And Peterman is? Even after a multi-interception outing in a regular-season football game?

Whoa. What about DeShone Kizer— who the Cleveland Browns selected in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft? He wasn’t given the support of the entire organization that said they would build around him and set him up for success. I mean, it is the Browns, however. But still.

The list goes on.

Dwayne Haskins never threw five interceptions in one half of a professional football game. And he was only given 16 starts to prove what he could do at the pro level. He doesn’t have a job.

In Peterman’s first start; in 2017– the worse NFL start by a quarterback of All-Time, he threw, an NFL record; not two, not three, not four, but FIVE interceptions before halftime. Surprisingly, Peterman was not immediately released by the Bills. Nope. They said, “We’re sticking behind Nate, and he’s not gonna let this performance define his career.”

Fast-forward to 2018 and Peterman is competing with rookie, Josh Allen, for the starting job. Peterman played so badly in Week 1 of 2018 against the Baltimore Ravens, that the Bills had no choice but to bench him and turn to the rookie. Thankfully.

Peterman was awful then. And he’s more than likely awful now. But still, he has a job in the league.

What have the Bills done with the quarterback they drafted in the first round in 2018? And what should good teams do if they want to be successful? They build around their signal-caller. And give them time to develop. Of course, Peterman wasn’t the investment Allen was –being drafted in the fifth round and such. But he had more of a chance to be successful in Buffalo than EJ Manuel did– who like Allen, was also a first-round draft pick for the home team.

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Peterman was finally cut by Buffalo in November of 2018 after ending his career throwing 12 interceptions and just three touchdowns.

A month later, however, he became a quarterback in the league again when he signed with the Raiders; where he’s currently employed as a quarterback on an NFL roster.

EJ Manuel, however has been out of the league since 2017 after only playing in 30 NFL games. Dwayne Haskins, is also out of the league, and he played only 16 games! DeShone Kizer? He only had one year as the starter in Cleveland and one year as the backup in Green Bay. He hasn’t played a game since 2018. What do they all have in common?

Look. This isn’t even really debatable. Nor is anything else ever (debatable), when it comes to race. The facts are the facts and I’m just calling it how I see it. Not only has Peterman proven he’s incompetent to play the position he’s also the worse quarterback discussed in a piece about him! And yet, he’s still employed. If Nathan Peterman were a Black man, he would not still have a job in the National Football League.

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