Monthly Archives: January 2021

The Urban Conglomerate Sports Radio Podcast S1 E1 with Kid Koonce & Boone

Click the link to listen to The Urban Conglomerate Sports Radio Show! The Urban Conglomerate Sports Radio Show’s Host, Kid Koonce previews the 2021 AFC and NFC Matchup with Boone from North Carolina! Take a listen as we walk you through the matchups to watch on Championship Sunday. And listen to the amazing instrumental interludes created by DJ Kid Koonce.

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Negative energies around her (Poem)

KELLY J [Kelz] NEWSON Negative energies around her Copyright 2021 by Kelly J. Newson She’s got negative energies around her She has the devil speaking lies in her ear Making her think she dislikes me As she pretends to like the clowns around her She’s lost in this world Surrounded by jokers Mistaking their toxic advice and hate against me,

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Nathan Peterman would not have a job in the league if he were Black

Nathan Peterman is still employed by an NFL team but this wouldn’t be the case if he were Black I know, I know. Just another strong, one-sided, opinionated headline, right? Wrong. The worse professional quarterback in the league, is still in the league. And no one sees a problem with this? There have been countless times throughout history where Black

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