Thu. May 6th, 2021


Crown me

Copyright 2020 by Kelly J. Newson

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Crown me king

Crown me queen

For I am great like my ancestors

As I think now of dropping this English/Irish name inherited by my father’s family

The name they were forced to take on

Forced forgot their own

Maybe I will make my last name X, because for now, there is so much unknown

But still I am the legacy of my ancestors

I am their wildest dreams

I am the prayer they prayed for

The subject of their wildest dreams

With their intelligence running through me

I can feel their guidance daily

As I speak daily to the universe

They inspire me

They push me to be my best

As I read their great works,

listen to their speeches and other great masterpieces for inspiration and motivation

As I look to add my own contribution to this great culture of ours

I just want to make them proud

And make art that will inspire the next generation

As I rock my Kenta cloth daily

With my black tee, jeans and boots

No high fashion needed here

Just colors representing each country in the motherland

From Egypt down the Ivory Coast to South Africa

I’m reppin’ each country

For its the blood of Africa within me

I’m just looking for my direct connection,

My ancestors

The Queens and Kings of my culture, my people!

For I am their descendant

So crown me now

As I celebrate our rich culture

My blood line

And my beautiful black skin

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By Kelz

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