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Blurred Vision 2
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In a cold dark tunnel sits a girl on the curb crying with her head between her legs facing the ground as a lifeless body lay next to her. And just up ahead she sees a black Chevy Malibu leaking gas, flipped on its roof, with a man trapped inside

There is no sign of another car involved or anyone around that appears to have heard anything. The only person who could have saw what happened is the little girl and the man trapped inside of the vehicle.

The girl then notices a truck approaching and moves to the middle of the street in attempt to have the driver to stop. The driver comes to a screeching halt, almost hitting her but the truck swerves off the road. The driver turns off the engine and sees the little girl still standing in the middle of the road. Frankie, the driver, gets out of his truck and begins approaching the little girl and asks “Are you alright?”

The little girl gives no response. She turns her attention to the woman lying lifelessly in the street. Frankie hurries over to the woman lying in the street, checks her pulse but he doesn’t feel one. Frankie asks the little girl who is now standing beside him, “Do you know what happened? Do you know her?”

The little girl is silent for a few moments then points to the car, “He did it!”

Frankie looks up just up ahead at the car on its roof and sees the driver trapped inside who appears to be still alive. Frankie begins approaching the car and sees the gas leaking but before he can get within 10 feet, the car explodes, killing the driver.

Frankie retreats to his truck with the little girl, he calls 911 and places a sheet he has in his crime scene kit over the woman’s body. He puts up caution tape around the scene as the little girl sits in the truck. When the police and coroner arrive, Frankie approaches the officer who arrives first and begins telling him what he saw and about the little girl who is now gone from his truck. For hours they search the area but the little girl appears to have disappeared without a trace. A broadcast is put out statewide but no leads.

It’s just after seven in the morning and Frankie is walking in the door of his home where his wife and kids are still sleeping. He quietly enters into the kitchen for a glass of orange juice then heads upstairs to check on the kids. Terri, his youngest daughter is sound asleep. He walks quietly into her room and gently kisses her and afterwards he checks in on TJ who is tossing and turning in his bed. He peaks in quietly and whispers, “Good morning sleepy head!”

TJ turns to the door, still half asleep, yawning, and says, “You just getting in?”

“Yeah and about the batting cages you mind if we go later in the afternoon, I’m beat from work,” Frakie responds.

“That’s fine,” TJ says.

“Ok,” Frakie says closing TJ’s door and beginning down the hall to his and his wife’s room. Frankie goes to the bathroom before proceeding to get in bed. His wife Nikki is awake and asks, “Long night?”

“Yeah, and we have a missing child too. We put out a broadcast but nothing yet. I told the local police to keep me posted on any new updates,” says Frankie.

“I know all too well how that child’s parents must be feeling. Losing a child is difficult,” said Nikki. “Yes it is but we’ll find her. But for now I need some rest. I’m exhausted. Been up long enough,” Frankie says pulling his wife closer and wrapping his arm around her as they both fall asleep.


Frankie is waking up and to his surprise there’s a little girl standing at the foot of his bed crying. At first glance he thinks it’s his daughter Terri, but the figure is too tall and after taking a second look he hears his wife coming down the hall. As Nikki enters the room the girl disappears. Nikki places their one year old daughter on the bed as she goes into the bathroom. Frankie begins playing with Terri.

“We should take a family vacation,” Frankie says to Nicki’s surprise.

“Vacation? We haven’t had a vacation since, since TJ was five, Nikki says.”

“Exactly! We are long overdue.”

“Well, anyway I can’t right now. I’m on a very important case and from the looks of it, it’ll be months before I’m free,” Nikki says.

“How far along are you?” said Frankie.

“Opening arguments,” Nikki says crawling onto the bed and lying next to their daughter who is between them.

“It just may be months, huh?” says Frankie.

“Yes, and the defense is not making my job any easier. I have to be on my A-game for this one,” Nikki says.

“As you always are,” Frankie says smiling at his wife. “Well, its July now, let’s shoot for a winter getaway to Aspen in January, how does that sound?”

“Sounds good, I should be free by then and I’ll try not to take on another case that’ll get in the way,” Nikki says leaning in to give Frankie a kiss.

TJ walks in on his parents’ moment, “Sorry am I interrupting something?” he says shyly backing out the door.

“We were just talking about a family vacation to Aspen in January,” Nikki says.

TJ returns to the door way, “Awesome!”

“Wait, everything isn’t set yet it’ll all depend on how long this case takes. However, I was just thinking if we don’t make Aspen in the winter how about Hawaii in the spring.” “Awesome! Either will be cool with me.”

“Everything ok?” Nikki asks TJ.

“Yeah, I think so,” says TJ.

“What’s up?” Frankie asks.

“It’s just, I don’t know…” TJ begins.

“Perhaps you and your dad should talk over some baseball,” Nikki says looking over at Frankie.

“Yes, perhaps we should. Just let me get dressed and grab something to eat and we’ll head out. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good! I’m just gone play some Xbox until you ready,” says TJ.

“Ok,” Frankie says

“Yes, and as for us, we’ll just go for a stroll through the park while they’re gone,” Nikki says playfully to Terri who just smiles and coos.

Frankie and TJ arrive at the batting cage

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TJ grabs his helmet and batting gloves from the backseat as Frankie heads to the cashier to get bats and tokens. As Frankie begins to walk back over, he sees TJ who is standing in front the 70 mph batting cages and chatting with some kids from school. Frankie stands back for a second and allows TJ some time with his friends. However, after a few seconds Frankie overhears the conversation and learns that they aren’t friends of TJ but they are teasing him. Frankie approaches. One of the kids notices and says, “Mr. Encarnacion, how do you do sir? We were just chatting with TJ for a sec. How are you?”

“Eric, right?” Frankie says starkly.

“Yeah but my friends call me Eazy E, you know like the rapper,” Eric says jokingly.

“Uh huh, how’s your father Eazy?” Frankie says sarcastically, “Tell him I said hello. You know we’re old buddies right?”

Eric becomes embarrassed, “Yes sir, I know.”

“Good, and next time I see him, I’ll be sure to tell him about you harassing your fellow classmates,” Frankie says candidly.

“No need sir, just like you and my dad, TJ and I are best friends,” He says giving TJ a friendly hug.

“Dad, we’re good!” TJ says jumping in. “We were just discussing a recent lost we had,” said TJ. “Uh huh. Well, I guess that means the team needs some practice, huh? Frankie responds. Come on first round on me and if you can collectively hit 40 pitches I’ll buy pizza for everybody,” Frankie says. “This should be easy, I got this!” Eric says confidently.

The whole team bats and they reach 40 collective hits. As promised, Frankie takes them all out for pizza afterwards. As they sit at their table, Frankie excuses himself to the restroom and upon exiting calls Nikki to let her know that they’ll be home a little later. After he hangs up, he notices a little girl standing in the doorway of the women’s restroom crying. He begins to approach her but she disappears. Frankie heads back into the restroom to re-gather himself then returns to the table.

In the truck

TJ asks, “Dad, could I ask you something?”

“Sure.” Frankie says turning towards him.

“Who were you talking to back at Kelz Pizza Palace?” TJ asks.

“What do you mean?” Frankie asks.

“You were talking to someone near the women’s restroom; you even kneeled down and had your hand out as if you were calling out for someone.”

“You saw me?” Frankie says.

“Yes I did, Dad,” says TJ.

“Do you think anybody else seen me?” Frankie says panicking.

“No, I’m sure it was just me,” replied TJ.


“What were you doing?” TJ asks.

“It’s nothing for you to worry about ok,” Frankie says starting up the truck and pulling off.

As they exit the freeway and prepare to make their final turn a little girl runs out into the street, causing Frankie to swerve to the side and upon looking back he notices that she is gone. Frankie gets out the truck and looks around but there’s no one on the poorly lit street. Frankie gets back into the truck. With a look of confusion on his face TJ asks, “Dad, are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Just a little bit stressed I guess. Let’s get home,” Frankie says.

As the weekend passes, Frankie finds himself walking into work Monday morning with a lot on his mind. The first thing he does as he walks into his office is power up his iMac and begins researching “Ghosts in Washington D.C.” But all he finds are sightings of past presidents, senators and congressional members.

After about 15 minutes he comes across an article with the headline, “Parents Die in Fury Car Crash, Young Girl Missing,” and the tags at the bottom of the page are ghost girls, sightings, crying girl, sightings, and ghost.

Frankie nearly spills his coffee after reading the article but he continues looking over the article and other related articles in hopes of seeing a picture of the girl but he comes across none. So instead Frankie Google’s the parent’s names who appear in the articles. First he looks them up collectively then separately and after searching the mother’s name he comes across a photo of a young girl and some other information he didn’t expect to find.

He reads over his new find and learns that the article was written back in 1980, the same year his parents died in a fatal car crash. Frankie becomes fixated and continues reading and clicking links that lead to more information but nothing leads to a photo of the girl he has been seeing. However, he does come across an article of a missing girl that was never found but with no photo.

The girl was about 10 years-old, curly brown hair, brown eyes, and of Caribbean descent but no further specifications. Frankie begins cycling through some old newspapers he has stored away in a file cabinet and again comes across another article that is similar to the one he was reading on the computer.

The two stories are so similar that one would think they were linked in some way. After hours of searching the internet and newspapers, Frankie decides to take a break and heads out for a late lunch. After lunch Frankie heads for the lab to work on another case for a bit and when he returns to his office he notices a yellow envelope on his desk that wasn’t there when left.

Inside the envelope are photos of a little girl in happy times with her mom at a park, a theme park, and at home baking cookies. There’s another set of pictures as too, this set has Frankie’s mom and a little girl. Frankie keeps looking through and can’t help but wonder who this little girl is with his mom.

He comes across a letter that is written by Frankie’s mom. Her life was threatened previously before the fatal car crash and the little girl that was in the car, was taken from the vehicle. In the letter Frankie’s mom closes by saying, “To my sons, you may never read this but if you do just know I loved you more than life itself and I never kept secrets from you but the girl in these photos is your sister and our lives are in danger for as long as she stays with us. Your sister had a very high IQ to the fact that she was considered a genius and therefore the government in the Dominican Republic wanted her for tests but your father and I refused and fled to the U.S. But they found us and made our death look like an accident. Your father and I knew something was going to happen soon but before we could relocate they found us.” The rest of the letter is unreadable from water damage but Frankie manages to read most of it.

As Frankie finishes the letter he notices the girl standing on the other side of his desk, he closes the door and begins conversing with her but she says nothing back just cries. Frankie looks through the photos once more and to his astonishment realizes that the little girl is the girl in the photos with his mom. Frankie still in shock nearly drops the photos, “You’re my sister aren’t you?”

The girl stops crying and nods her head.

“Do you know what happened?”

“I was taken away. They wore black pants, black shirts, black sunglasses and had a big black truck but. We crashed just a few miles away.”

“You remember where? Can you take me?”

“Look closely at the photos, you’ll find the answers,” she says as she begins to exit. “Wait!”

The little girl continues exiting as Frankie looks over the photos once more and in the third photo with his mom and sister he notices a house. It’s the same house his older brother set fire to killing his twin Tahj.

“Oh shit!” Frankie says stunned.

Frankie also notices another building in another of the photos which is in D.C. Frankie grabs his keys, phone and heads out but on his way he gets into a head on collision with another car and slips into unconsciousness before the paramedics arrive.

Frankie is rushed to the hospital and shortly after his arrival his wife Nikki arrives and waits in the waiting room with their two children and her mom.

After surgery doctors tell Nikki that everything went well but Frankie may never walk again and that he slipped into a coma while in surgery.

Nikki goes in first to see Frankie and after about 15 minutes calls for TJ and they have some time together before Nicki’s mom takes TJ -and Terri home for the night. Nikki spends the night at the hospital by her husband’s side. With Nikki by his side asleep in the chair next to his bed, Frankie sits up suddenly and as he begins to unwrap the bandages that are on his head, he learns that everything isn’t always what is seems.

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