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Toxic – A Short Story

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In the city of Caven, crime is no different than anywhere else. The city is far from perfect and Officer Moore is looking to solve one more case before he retires after 36 years on the force. He is looking forward to escaping to Caven and return to Florida where is vacation home will now become is primary home.

As he strolls into the office like any other morning, with his coffee and greeting his fellow officers, Captain Waters ask to see him for a moment.  They settle into a conference room where Moore is briefed on a unique murder case.

“Hope you had a good night’s rest because we have an interesting one. The victim was about a 30 year-old female, shot to death then burned in her car and then dropped in the lake 30 miles from here. We are pulling the remaining wreckage from the lake now,” The Captain briefs.

“Jesus,” Moore says going over the file and photos.  “The killer really didn’t want her to survive.”

“Exactly,” The Captain exclaims. “She also has a sliced throat and knife wounds to her abdominal. But she died from the gunshot wound to her head.”

“Geez,” Moore replies.

“Yes and here’s the kicker. One possible suspect was found near the body and the woman is cooperating,” the Captain informs Moore.

“Has the victim’s family been notified?” Moore asks.

“Yes, the victim’s name is Carly, the family is headed down to the station to identify the body,” the Captain says.

“Ok so we have one possible suspect?” asks Moore.

“Wait, there’s a second suspect. I don’t think this is the woman who has committed the crime. I think she is covering up for someone else. She hasn’t said a word but the evidence shows there is a second suspect. There was no gunshot residue on her hands or on her prints or anything. There is a second person,” the Captain explains.

“She’s covering up for someone else? Maybe hoping to buy time for her and the killer to get away with it.” Moore says.

“That’s very possible,” the Captain says. “Whoever it is, they are clean from the scene just like our friend. No one saw anything, no extra foot prints. Nothing.”

“Ok. I am going to head to the scene and investigate. Maybe I can find something.  Is this the address?” Moore asks looking over the file.

“Yes, we have to move fast or this case goes cold fast,” the Captain says in a hurry.

“And that’s what our friend in there wants. Does she have a bail set?”

“Not yet, her lawyer should be coming in shortly,” the Captain responds.

“She has this all planned out.”

“We’ll see,” responds the Captain.

“Let me check out the location and I’ll get back to you, maybe the killer left some DNA or some type of print we can analyze,” says Moore.

“Hurry because the landlord wants us out as soon as possible so he can start cleaning and put the apartment back on market.”

“Will do sir.” Moore replies, “But first, please interrogate our friend. Can we get her into an interrogation room for questioning?”

“We’ve tried that,” said the Captain. “She said not without a lawyer who is on the way.” But by the time you finish your investigation and return, the lawyer will be here.”

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“Ok, headed to the scene and I will be in touch shortly,” replied Moore.

“Be careful, I think it was a domestic dispute so the killer may return.”

“Noted,” said Moore.

Moore turns to head out and walks to his truck. The police department is just five minutes from the scene and when he arrives he finds a suspicious person lurking around.

“Hey!” Moore says, loudly.

The person begins running and Moore chases but is unable to keep up with the unknown person. Moore walks back to the scene frustrated. He wipes his forehead, pulls out his notepad and continues his investigation. And as the captain said, Moore finds nothing.

“Man, this was a well-executed crime,” Moore says almost in surrender. Just as Moore prepares to head back to his truck he is met with a thud to his head knocking him out cold. The suspect runs into his vehicle, grabs an envelope, and takes off running. A few minutes later Moore awakens, dazed and calls for backup. When back up arrives Moore is driven back to the police department with his Captain urging him to go see a doctor. But Moore resists and headed back to his office to work on this investigation with an ice pack. “Give me 10 minutes,” said Moore.

Moore sits at his desks with the ice pack on his head looking over what he collected. “Is there not justice in this case?” he mutters.

“Press conference,” the Captain says barging in Moore’s office. “Our current suspect is about to walk and this case is now cold.

”Aye Captain, I am off this case after this. I’m retired effective immediately.” Moore exclaims. I’ve had enough of this. I feel for the family, but after that encounter I just had that’s my sign to retire and enjoy my life with my family. Good luck!”

As both the Captain and Moore enter the press conference room their alleged suspect steps to the microphone. “First, I am glad the police are doing the right thing by releasing me and dropping all charges for I am innocent and soon to be free woman. No hard feelings to the police for arresting me today for a murder I did not commit. I was an innocent bystander. I called the cops. I reported this murder. But was never questioned about who I was. It was just assumed I was a suspect. I am not and have no knowledge of who is or exactly what happened. I am an innocent bystander who heard gunshots and called the police and waited for them. I want to say sorry to the family of the victim. May your justice and peace serve you soon. God bless and no, I am not willing to give you my name for my own privacy,” the allege suspect says. “Now I would like to get back to my life, thank you and hope that the police can leave me alone, thank you.”

The alleged suspect steps down from the mic and is led by her attorney out of the police department and to a black truck, disappearing out of city limits.


The woman asks, “ Do you think they suspect anything?”

“No, and if they ever do we will be long gone from here. Private flight, non-stop to Cuba. Cheers to our new life and happiness! No more toxic abusers in our life ever again!”

“Amen to that. To happiness,” the women say happily as they hold hands and fly away in their private jet.

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