Thu. May 6th, 2021

For Elijah McClain – Too many hastags


Copyright 2020 by Kelly J. Newson

Elijah McClain, Family Photo

Gone too soon
But in God’s arms you are
No more harm can be done to you
You may rest now

As we seek justice for you
Maybe one day this all will end
Maybe one day Cops stop harming innocent blacks

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Maybe one day they talk to us like they do murderers who they handcuff calmly
And treat us to Burger King because we haven’t eaten in a couple days

Yet they fear unarmed blacks
So they shoot to kill instead of shooting to wound

But for now, the fight continues
As hashtags go up daily
And dirty Cops get away with murder
There’s just not enough good Cops out there anymore
It almost seems as if the Police were set up to patrol and control
Just like they did back in slavery days

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Just read up on history
The LAPD and other Police departments employed members of the KKK from the South
It was open season for them

Today, they kill with the law on their side
As 45 applauds
This is what he wanted
Just play back the video

He urged this
He’s the so-called law and order president
He is divisive
No leadership in him
Just toxicity

Good god America, what did we get ourselves into?
When will the shooting of unarmed black people stop?
When will the Karen’s mind their own business
And the mysterious lynchings end too?

Yes there is black-on-black crime
But blacks get punished and sent to prison
While murderous Cops get desk duty
Paid administrative leave
Or transferred to another department
Just a slap on the wrist
Which is a slap in the face of justice
As the good Cops resign, stay quiet, or are even punished for speaking out against

Just when will it end?
When will justice be served for the innocent?
When will enough be enough?

Take the murderous Cops off the streets
Place them behind prison bars
Rest in power Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice and so many Others

It’s a sad tragedy in America
As those who are supposed to protect and serve, are killing innocent people

Enough is enough America!
It is time for justice to be served for all

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By Kelz

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