Thu. May 6th, 2021
In My Black Skin
Copyright 2020 by Kelly J. Newson
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Feeling the breeze

Listening to the birds chirping

Enjoying nature as I run around my block

Something I do daily and something I love

Feeling no fear like a normal day

But there was something different today

Because I was chased down and shot like an animal

All because my murderers thought I was a criminal and had to be running from something

This is my neighborhood just as much as it is their’s

Or is it really?

Or were they out patrolling like the old slave masters of America’s past?

Hoping to keep me in my place like they did my ancestors

They love seeing my black bleed

And cut off our body parts for souvenirs

Calling it a picnic

As they post pictures and videos

Just to instill fear in our community

As they fantasize about my beautiful black queens

And my black brothers killed or jailed

So when you see me running,

Walking across that graduation stage,

Drafted into a sports league,


Providing for my family,

Opening my own business,

Buying my first home,

Or just enjoying life with friends and family

I am minding my own business,

And yes I am black

But I am no threat to you or anyone else

I am only minding my own business and you should too


By Kelz

writer. poet. journalist. content creator.

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