Wed. Apr 14th, 2021
Dear Black Queen, Black Lives Matter
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Copyright 2020 by Kelly J. Newson

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They fear you

But there was a time when they brutalized and raped you

Then lied and call you whore like they did Recy Taylor

But now you got your own mind

You are educated and fed up with the bullshit

But still comply with the laws

And when you arm yourself righteously and mindfully

They still wanna decease your body

Hoping to silence you

But your ideas and soul will live on forever

You are far greater, a queen

They are inferior to you so they fear you

With beauty, pride, integrity and standards that continually rise

Your beauty is the most replicated

Your mind, the most hated on

As you steadily bring yourself up

Rising to every occasion

They only see it as hate towards them

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So they feel scared

But your mind is educated

And you know the laws

You knew it would come to this

And now you another Shero who stood up for her own

Making a better way for you and yours

And if nobody else say it

I love you black queen

Never let these so-called housewives and video vixens be you or our young girls’ representation

We’re better than that

Just look at the great works all over Africa

And even here in America

There is a lot Black people have built and founded

But receive little to no credit

Leave it to historians, we were happy go lucky slaves

But that is the wrong mentality

That is the mentality of mainstream media

As they call us thugs and hoes

But call white mass murderers victims of mental illness

Now is time we take our power back and stand up for Ourselves

Reunite and forget all the color-isms for we are all black but just different shades of it

‘Cause aren’t we sick and tired of our black skin being labeled as a threat?

When we are just minding our business and living our life

As some Karen makes it her business to mind mine

As black bodies flood all over our timelines

‘Cause a cop felt threatened

Or gang member can’t shoot

Yet another black name becomes a hashtag

God only knows the exact count for many are swept under the rug as if their life didnt matter

Just like the strange fruit of our ancestors who built this country

Blood is on the slave masters’ hands

Blood is on law enforcement’s hands

They have been terrorizing our communities and people since the birth of this Nation

This Nation never intended to protect us

Or provide justice for US

They just keep adding to the body count

Adding blood to the soil

Adding more blood to their hands

But in vain your name will not be

Your name I will say

Your name I will remember

So Korryn Gaines, Pamela Turner, Sandra Bland, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, Shantel Davis and the many others

This is for you Queens

For it is in our hearts where you will live forever

Rest in power Queens

You got your wings now

Your beautiful spirits live on

The evils of this world can never harass you again

Fly high and may you rest in peace

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By Kelz

writer. poet. journalist. content creator.

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