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One Night Stay
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Copyright 2011 by Kelly J. Newson

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Somewhere in New Orleans, its 5pm and five winners of a radio contest; Kai, Kerry, Brian, and Nicole are all arriving at the Bridgemont Estate, in which they have won a one-night stay. It’s been told through the years that this estate is haunted and that Dr. Bridgemont, his wife and kids all have all violently died in the estate. No one knows exactly if it was a homicide or murder-suicide, only that they all died very violently and the scenes were horrific; like something out of a horror movie.

As they get their bags from the van that brought them, Kerry notices something in the window on the third floor but doesn’t think too much of it; just thinks it’s just the wind moving the curtains.

As they each enter the house Brian asks, “Anyone hungry?” “I’m starved!” Kai says. “Yes!” Kerry and Nicole say agreeing. “Ok, I’ll see what I can whip up real quick,” Brian says, heading upstairs to put his bag up before walking into the kitchen leaving Kai, Nicole and Kerry standing in the living before they begin heading upstairs.

“So Kai, Nicole, you two scared?” Kerry asks. “Girl please, not even.” Kai says confidently, “What about you?” “A little. The stories I heard growing up aren’t exactly kid stories,” Kerry says looking around a little nervous. “Well, don’t worry about that, tonight we got each others’ back,” Nicole says, comforting Kerry as they begin making their way up the stairs and to their individual rooms.

Nicole puts her bag down in her room and heads downstairs to help Brian with dinner. She washes her hands and begins cutting up some vegetables and potatoes that Brian has out, as Brian grills some salmon steaks.

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“So Brian, where did you learn to cook?” “Kelz Culinary & Design School.” “Where’s that? Never heard of it.” “It’s in Washington D.C. I went there after graduating high school. I have always loved to cook.” “That’s good, so you’re not from New Orleans?” “No, I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY. But when my parents divorced my mom and I moved here to New Orleans and after high school I received a scholarship to attend college.”

“Very cool!” “Yeah, it’s a very tough school to get into but I got in and graduated at the top of my class too.” “Very cool!” “What about you? You from New Orleans?” Brian asks. “That I am, born and raised in the great N.O.,” Nicole says proudly. “You a cook?” “Oh geez no. Chemistry major. And now in my second year of medical school.” “Wow, we have a doctor in the house!” Brian says as he notices Kai entering the kitchen.

“What’s up? Kai, right?” he asks. “That’s right, what are you two up to?” “Just preparing dinner and getting to know each other?” “That’s cool, and I would help but the last time I attempted to cook I nearly burned down my apartment.” Kai says with a laugh. “So I guess I won’t ask you to flip over those salmon steaks huh?’ he says still joking.

Kai looks at him with a sarcastic face, “Anyway, you two know each other or is this your first time meeting?” “First time meeting.” Nicole and Brian almost say in cadence. “This our first time, I’m a second-year medical student.” Nicole adds. “That’s cool, I’m a biology major myself. Student during the day and Forensics intern with the New Orleans Police Department at night.” “That’s cool, any particular forensics have your interest?” Nicole asks. “Not really I just love science, but next year I start medical school at St. John’s where I will be studying to be a pathologist.” “What’s that?” Brian asks. “Basically the doctor who performs the autopsies.” “I couldn’t handle that,” Brian says. “Yeah well it’s not for everyone, so what is it that you do?” “Culinary student at Kelz Culinary and Design School.” “That explains you cooking, and by the way it smells delightful.” “Thank you and on that note dinner will be done in just a bit.” “Good because I’m starved!” Kai says.

“Awesome! I’ll go get Kerry,” Nicole says as she heads upstairs. Kai begins setting the table and Brian finishes dinner. Nicole hurries upstairs to get Kerry but when she gets closer to Kerry’s room she notices something strange.

She continues to move closer and in doing so hears chatter, which confuses her, because the only people upstairs are her and Kerry. Nicole moves closer to Kerry’s door, pushing it open slowly but there’s no one in the room not even Kerry herself. Kerry’s bags are on her bed zipped along with her purse sitting open and its contents spread amongst the bed.

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Stunned and now worried, Nicole runs downstairs back to the kitchen to tell Brian and Kai. “What’s up, you look spooked?” Kai asks, moving over to comfort Nicole. “Guys, Kerry is missing! And I know I heard two people arguing in her room,” Nicole says frantically.

Kai and Brian look at one another before Brian asks, “Two people? You sure?” “Yes!” Nicole says. “Maybe she snuck her blackberry in and she had an argument over the phone. Perhaps she had it on speakerphone then took a walk,” Kai says trying to calm Nicole down. “She left her purse though!” Nicole says. “Let’s all go up and look,” Brian says. Kai gestures in agreement as the three of them begin moving to the stairs and up to Kerry’s room.

As they enter into Kerry’s room it’s the same as when Nicole had ran out. They begin looking around the room then move to the other rooms and search the entire upstairs but find nothing. After about an hour of searching the entire upstairs and downstairs Kai, Brian and Nicole head downstairs to the kitchen and stand around the island when Brian asks, “Did she seem upset or like anything was bothering her last time you saw her Kai?” “No, she seemed fine she said she wanted to unpack some things then she’ll be downstairs to join us.” “Strange but let’s continue discussing over dinner and afterwards we’ll continue searching for her. I can’t think on an empty stomach.” Brian says. “Deal!” Kai says as Nicole nods and they begin to sit down and have dinner that Brian prepared.

Brian begins serving the food and as they pass it around Nicole notices something in the rice. She takes a closer look and notices that it is a pearl with blood on it. “Eww, where did this come from?” Nicole says, holding up the pearl with a spoon. Kai and Brian both spit out their food as they notice Nicole’s find. “Ok I think I have lost my appetite.” Kai says. “I second that, in fact I have had it with this house. I say we leave before something stranger happens.” Nicole says.

Just as Nicole finishes her food, they hear a loud scream that appears to come from upstairs. “What was that?” Nicole asks. Brian and Kai look at one another, “I don’t know but hopefully it’s Kerry and it’s nothing serious,” Kai says as they each get up and begin heading upstairs to investigate.

As they get closer to Kerry’s room they notice a shadow moving around inside, so they hurry to the door. As they push open the door they discover something gruesome.

Nicole screams as soon as she sees Kerry’s body sprawled out on the floor on her stomach with a knife in her back. “Guys, what the fuck just happened here?” Kai asks. “I don’t know but I’m sure as hell am not sleeping here tonight!” Nicole says. “Neither am I,” Kai adds. “We should definitely end this now, this has just been a little too strange and now with this. No way am I spending the night here tonight. I don’t think we’re alone in this house!” Brian says. “As crazy as that may seem I agree,” Kai says. “I’m scared!” Nicole says. “We all are,” Brian says looking around the room. “There’s a phone downstairs, perhaps we can call the radio station or 911 and get the hell out of here. I don’t care about surviving the night here anymore. I’m done!” Kai says as she begins heading back to the kitchen with Nicole and Brian right behind her. “One thing for sure from here on out we do not separate, got it?” Brian says. “Got it!” “Don’t have to tell me twice,” Nicole says.

Brian picks up the phone and to his surprise the line is dead, and as Brian hangs up the phone there’s a loud roaring outside that turns out to be thunder followed by lightning and the lights going out. After ten minutes the lights come back on and to their astonishment Nicole is gone. “Where did Nicole go?” Kai asks.

“That’s a good question, she wouldn’t just leave. She was way too scared.” Brian says. “Very true. And now I think I’m just as scared as her.”

Brian and Kai begin moving from the kitchen to the next room, the dining room and to their surprise they find Nicole sitting at the table. “Nicole, why did you leave?” Kai asks, putting her hand on Nicole’s back and as she does Nicole’s head falls off her shoulders and into the plate in front of her. Kai begins throwing up, and when she finishes says, “Dude I have seen some sick shit but this is by far the sickest.” “I agree, we have to get out of this house ASAP and get help!” Brian says grabbing Kai’s hand and leading her out the dining room and to the front door.

They try to open the front door but it seems jammed and for the moment they seem to be trapped inside. “Let’s try the door in the kitchen,” Brian says. “It leads to a graveyard though,” Kai says, scared and beginning to shake. “Yes but it’s out this house so come on and stay with me ok.” “Let’s hurry though I have to pee!” Kai says. “You can hold it until we reach safety?” “Yes! Now let’s go!” “Ok but if get startled again I hope you can hold it as well,” Brian says sarcastically. “Good point, there’s a bathroom near the kitchen, come with me please?” “Seriously?” “I’ll leave the door cracked just stand by it and if anything walk inside.” “You sure?” “Either that or I pee in a cup in front of you,” Kai says sarcastically. “Deal! Let’s do this and get the hell out of here.”

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Kai heads for the bathroom and as agreed, Brian stands by the cracked-open. As Kai finishes up and begins moving to the sink to wash her hands, she turns on the water and to her astonishment its raw sewage followed by blood. “Gross! Guess I’m not washing my hands.” Kai says as she begins to exit the bathroom but as she opens the door Brian is gone. “Brian!? Brian! This shit isn’t funny Brian, enough with the hide and seek.” Kai says as she continues to look for Brian.

Kai begins heading for the kitchen and proceeds to the back door. As she enters the kitchen she runs to the door and just like the front door, it is jammed. She heads for the storage cart in the corner to get some tools to open the door and notices some blood going down the cabinet. She opens the cabinet to find what appears to be Brian’s body stuffed inside.

Kai tries to scream but finds a hand over her mouth and nose as she falls unconsciously to the floor. Someone picks her up and begins carrying her out the house. Before they can reach the front door Kai wakes up and begins beating her attacker in the back and after a few pounds he drops her.

Kai lays on the floor in a bit of pain as her attacker who is wearing a ski mask stands over her before grabbing her legs and trying to drag her.

She kicks at him and with her pocket knife she stabs him in his right leg, he falls to knees. Kai notices the now open door and runs out the house.

She runs until she cannot run anymore making it to a coffee shop where she calls 911. Unfortunately, it’s not until the morning that any cops arrive and she can report what had happened.

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