Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Ebonie’s Journal

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Motivational thoughts from #EbonieWrites

This year started out with yearly goals and a mind to start strong.  But little did we know, 2020 had something else in store. Something that we could never have imagined. In the words of Cardi B, “Corona-virus! it’s getting real, Sh*t is getting real!

Approaching this pandemic in March left us all kinds of confused and bewildered. We didn’t know what to expect from COVID-19.  Especially not the lack of tissue, hand sanitizer; needing a mask and then constantly forgetting it in the house or the car. And lets not forget the screaming of, “Six feet,” while we’re walking in the isles of the grocery stores!

COVID-19 is not going to destroy us. We won’t let it! What we have done with these lemons that life has given us is made lemonade and added some vodka, with a little sugar on the rim.

Let this time develop the strength in you.  Look in the mirror and remind yourself how much your life matters. 

We are in this together and together we will come out of this. 

What GOD has begun in us, he will complete! Stay strong my people. Stay loving my people. Stay safe and please stay laughing.  This is #EbonieWrites. Mic drop.

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  1. This is an encouraging article, and good for such a time as this, continue to inspire, we NEED it.

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